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The Jumbo Shrimp to Italian Wine


Format: paperback
Size: 11×18 cm
Pages: 136
ISBN-10: 88-8429-111-9
ISBN-13: 978-88-8429-111-0

Price: € 10,00

About the Book

Sometimes it’s nice to learn about the wine you are sipping with ease and pleasure. However, talking about Italian wine is not always easy and broaching the grape varieties, the wines and the history can be daunting, especially if you are looking for a quick fix that can explain the complexities of this world.

The Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Italian Wine was created thanks to the contribution of several Italian wine professionals – not born in Italy, save one – who chose to undertake this guide because of their desire to translate the intricacies of Italian wine into manageable material. The authors wanted to create a book that was readily available to all those interested in understanding Italian wine in detail, but that might be intimidated by the subject.

The book offers all the tools to easily remember the key elements: how to read and understand the labels, the geographical information underlying each wine, the various types of grapes, and the most significant wines that could act as representatives of what is likely the most varied and qualitative wine production model in the world.

There is no lack of information on this topic, the material already in circulation is exhaustive, but therein lies the obstacle: discerning what information is essential, which facts pertinent for establishing a strong foundation, in order to launch a much broader understanding of the subject. The Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Italian Wine successfully delivers the most important building blocks for Italian wine education in an approachable way; the main producers, the great wines to watch out for, food and wine pairings and last but not least, a useful dictionary to distinguish between the places, grapes and the names of the various wines.

About the Authors

Dr Rebecca Lawrence DipWSET is an educator, editor and consultant specialising in Italian wine. She develops global education courses, leads the Vinitaly International Academy Certified Educator programme, and is an educator for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. ”

Jacopo Fanciulli, VIA Italian Wine Ambassador. He has a degree in Communication Sciences, and Masters degrees in Enology and Marketing. He’s a Sommelier and AIS Taster and has been a second stage Master of Wine student.

Lyka Caparas, MBA, WSET Level 3, is a wine writer and product development marketing expert. She is finishing her 2nd Masters in Erasmus Wine Tourism.

Lan Liu, MBA, WSET Level 3, is the coordinator of Vinitaly International Academy and a certified Italian wine ambassador. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Enology in China and furthered his wine passion in France, receiving a Master’s Degree in Enology.

“You can read the entire book once, not necessarily in order, but more importantly
you can go back to find some anecdotes and fun facts to impress your fellow wine lovers!”

Stevie Kim


A brief history of Italian wine
Pliny the Elder
Leonardo da Vinci
Cosimo III de’ Medici
Camillo Benso, Conte di Cavour

A journey through the italian wine regions
Northern Italy
The 10 most planted 
grapes in Italy
Central Italy
Top 5 PDO Wines
Southern Italy and the islands
Italian Grapes around the World

55 italian varieties you should try
Appellation Explained (DOC, DOCG, IGT)
What’s in a name? Learning the label lingo!
Look Into the Origin and Authenticity
Grapes or Places

Great italian (grape) families
Sparkling Wines in Italy
Wines to discover

Why italians do it better
A culinary journey through italy
If you like…… then try…
Fun Faqs
Ay ay ay! – Who are who the “aias”
and what wine stories do they have to tell?

Basic wine dictionary
Italian wine terms pronunciations
Sneak Peek to Italian Wine Market

Learn more about italian wines



«Interesting stories, coincise with very useful information and funny illustrations. I highly recommend Jumbo Shrimp Guide to Italian Wine to anyone who is interested in italian wine!»

Justin Chen
Italian Wine Ambassador  and Certified WSET Wine Educator

Highly recommended! A quick read that simplifies the hugely complex world of Italian wines. The perfect primer for those who want to know just enough to magnify the pleasure they get from Italian wines & for those who are about to embark on deep studies on this wonderful topic!»

JC Viens
WSET Certified Wine Educator
Vinitaly Academy Italian Wine Ambassador

«It is rare to find a book on Italian wines that is easy to read yet packed with in-depth knowledge. A vast world of Italian wines are condensed in this handy, well-structured, informative book

Gus Zhu
First Chinese Master of Wine

«The book makes an excellent companion to the much more exhaustive Italian Wine Unplugged, functioning as a sort of condensed version of the larger volume that offers the basic essentials that makes it perfect for beginners to Italian Wine as well as experienced lovers of these wines who want a convenient reference to check on a bottle’s details. The page layout is inviting and the size is perfect for carrying about in a pocket. This is my new go-to book for quick information on Italian wines».

 Dewey Markham, Jr.